Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall – Poems and Games for All
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall – Poems and Games for All

Illi-Milly is happy to present her first published children's book!

It will introduce the youngest children to the SEASONS, presenting them with cheerful poems, colorful pictures and interesting games and exercises.

What does the book contain and how is it going to be useful?

Poetry is one of the easiest ways for children to learn and assimilate information regarding their surroundings.

Enrichment of active and passive vocabulary.

Exercises related to the development of language processes, thinking, attention and fine motor skills.

Exercises for color gnosis and practical skills.

Suitable for children of preschool and primary school age, as well as for all fans of amusing poems.

Visualization of seasonal changes through color illustrations.

Virtual glimpse at a part of the book

The book contains 12 thematic poems - 3 for each season. Colorful illustrations bring each poem to life.

Black-and-white pictures giving each child the opportunity to draw their vision of the seasons. All seasons include 3 developmental games and the last one is for cutting out and gluing.



The price of the book is £12.

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